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Archibald's Next Big Thing

Happy-go-lucky chicken Archibald may not remember to do his chores, but he never forgets to have fun. After all, life's an adventure!
Starring:Tony Hale, Rosamund Pike, Jordan Fisher
Creators:Tony Hale
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Emmy-winner Tony Hale lends his voice to this animated series inspired by his acclaimed children's book.

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Archibald's Next Big Thing


Archibald's Next Big Thing

Watch The Mall Walkers / Treasured Tattoo. Episode 1 of Season 2.

Archibald stumbles upon a crime in progress while trapped in the mall overnight. A whale's tattooed map inspires Archibald to go on a treasure hunt.

Watch The Compost Elf / Meet Ya at the Stump. Episode 2 of Season 2.

The streets get trashy when Archibald misinforms folks about compost. Archibald and his pals rally when their favorite hangout is threatened.

Watch A Taste of Crackridge / The Bird and the Bee. Episode 3 of Season 2.

Archibald's Souper Stew is a surprise hit with the residents of Crackridge. Archibald and his pal Bea reminisce about how they first met.

Watch Lake Ball Pit / The Poppy Corn Festival. Episode 4 of Season 2.

Cannonball! Archibald becomes a lifeguard at Lake Ball Pit. When Loy can't get along with a rival, Archibald gets a lesson in the art of sarcasm.

Watch The Paperbirds / Rock and Egg Roll. Episode 5 of Season 2.

A gang of crooks mistakes Archibald for a criminal mastermind. Archibald unearths a rock with mysterious — and feather-raising — powers.

Watch The Chair Museum / The Legend of Crackerfoot. Episode 6 of Season 2.

Archibald's plan to help Sage recover his beloved rocking chair hits a snag. Archibald and his siblings scour the woods for the legendary Crackerfoot.

Watch Baritone Tea Part 1 / Baritone Tea Part 2. Episode 7 of Season 2.

Uh, oh — Archibald accidentally drinks all of Finly's vocal-enhancing tea on the eve of his brother's big concert!

Watch Déjà Flu / Crackridge Live!. Episode 8 of Season 2.

It's Archibald to the rescue when Loy, Sage and Finly come down with a bad case of the Déjà Flu. Archibald and Cousin Ashley take over the airwaves.

Watch House of the Future / Dr. Buttersocks. Episode 9 of Season 2.

Loy upgrades the house with a few seemingly helpful robotic enhancements. Archibald becomes a sock-puppet wrestling superstar.

Watch The Royal Strutters / Impromptu Cruise. Episode 10 of Season 2.

After pulling a sword from a tree, Sage is crowned king for the day. Archibald wins a fancy vacation aboard a luxury cruise.

Watch The Four Flamingos / The Roaring Rooster. Episode 11 of Season 2.

Archibald eats too many beets and teams up with lumberjacks for a logging competition. Sage tries to earn all his Roaring Rooster badges in one day.

Watch Dang, I'm Rich! / Power Play. Episode 12 of Season 2.

Cousin Ashley sets out to strike it rich and buy himself a mansion. Archibald explores Crackridge during a blackout with a new pal.

Watch Big Fun Town / New Crackridge. Episode 13 of Season 2.

Archibald and Bea plan another couple's long overdue honeymoon. Is a tornado coming to Crackridge? Archibald sure seems to think so.

Watch Chicken at Sea / The Keymaster. Episode 1 of Season 1.

Archibald hits the high seas to help out endangered turtles. It's Archibald to the rescue when the citizens of Crackridge report a series of thefts.

Watch Best in Showbot / The Secret of Madame Baroness. Episode 2 of Season 1.

Archibald hides inside Loy's robot after accidentally breaking it. A lost boomerang leads to a job working for a fancy singer.

Watch The Oath of the Compass / Garbage Fruit. Episode 3 of Season 1.

Archibald must think fast after forgetting to mail invites to his sister's party. Archibald uses his other senses when he's temporarily unable to see.

Watch Glide & Gobble / Wheelie, No Hands. Episode 4 of Season 1.

Stranded in a canyon, Archibald and his siblings search for a way out. When it comes to bike riding, Archibald has serious skills. Who knew?

Watch The Missing Piece / The Scotchman. Episode 5 of Season 1.

Archibald goes on a scavenger hunt for a missing puzzle piece. Archibald marches to a creepy house to deliver a package.

Watch Mountain Mayhem / The Gator Spinner Max. Episode 6 of Season 1.

After winning a citizen swap contest, Archibald moves to a mountain town for a week. Archibald finds a practical use for his pal's wacky invention.

Watch Dino-Can-Do / The Big Bad Bug. Episode 7 of Season 1.

Crackridge's new resident dinosaur has a hard time fitting in. Archibald and a new friend attempt to conquer their fear of the basement.

Watch Stuck in Skates / Lawn Circles. Episode 8 of Season 1.

After ice skating with his pen pal, Archibald can't remove his too-tight skates. Crackridge has crop circles. Could aliens really be responsible?

Watch Lights, Camera, Crackridge! / Karaoke Dokey. Episode 9 of Season 1.

Archibald scores a job as a movie star's stunt double. Loy starts to lose it after getting a disappointing score on Archibald's karaoke video game.

Watch The Enchanted Mansion / The Shell Game. Episode 10 of Season 1.

While serving as Finly's magical assistant, Archibald gets lost in a spooky mansion. Archibald helps a grumpy hermit crab find a new shell.

Watch Strutter Sitting / Corny-O Chaos. Episode 11 of Season 1.

The Strutter siblings hold a yard sale and babysit at the same time. Archibald races for a big prize: a lifetime supply of his favorite cereal.

Watch The Chicken Has Landed / The Night of the Nibbler. Episode 12 of Season 1.

Archibald takes an unexpected trip to outer space. When a yummy recipe goes missing, Archibald P.I. sets out to crack the case.

Watch The Primrose Classic / The Blimpateers. Episode 13 of Season 1.

A professional paper airplane thrower hires Archibald to be his caddie. While floating through the sky, Archibald bumps into birds who live in a blimp.

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